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Vic White

Vic White, about 1 month ago

Alice Lookingbill is retiring as our cook at South Elementary. Thank you Alice for all your dedication and great cooking for the students at Ogden School District and Prairieview-Ogden South Elementary! Fabulous job! see pic

Vic White

Vic White, 2 months ago

University of Illinois Head Volleyball Mr. Chris Tamas presented to all Champaign/Ford Superintendents about Teamwork, being a good Human being, being honest and consistent leaders, not being negative -if a constant negative pattern persist remove that negative, communication with those that bring conflict “it is not about being right it about being effective -Be the Best in the Moment”, put some happy/fun in your environment, and most importantly set those goals and work hard to complete them so you can set more! He did a fabulous job presenting about “Leading for Improvement “. see pic

Jeff Isenhower

Jeff Isenhower, 2 months ago

Thank you 8th grade girls for talking to our 5-6 students about autism for your Girl Scouts Silver Award. see pic

Vic White

Vic White, 3 months ago

Scholastic Bowl team Regional Champs! see pic

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