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Lunch and Milk Fees
The Board also determines the prices of student and adult lunches in the hot lunch program, and for the
price of milk by the carton. Currently, student lunches (which include 1 carton of milk) are $2.75 per
day; adults, $3.25 per day. Milk is $0.35 per carton.
Lunches are paid for in the morning before school starts, preferably at the beginning of the week. Our
system of using punch tickets allows students to buy up to 20 lunches at a time. Checks should be made
payable to Prairieview-Ogden Schools; it’s helpful if you also list in the memo area of the check your
child’s name and the number of lunches being purchased.
Mid-morning milk is available in all kindergarten-Grade 4 classrooms in our district. Students are not
required to drink milk at this mid-morning break, but they cannot substitute anything other than water for
the milk. Milk may be purchased for $30.00 for the semester or for $55.00 for the year. Milk purchase
will be done at registration or at the school offices.